Publications developed by Parliamentarians Forum and other key actors which are useful for national evaluation policy process and systems are included in this section. 


EvalPartners' Publications

EvalPartners, IOCE and UNWOMEN in partnership with UNEG, OECD Development Assistance Committee Network on Development Evaluation, UNICEF, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and USAID are pleased to inform that the new publication “Advocating for Evaluation: A toolkit to develop advocacy strategies to strengthen an enabling environment for evaluation” is now available, for free download at:
In addition, an e-version of the toolkit is available, for free download, at
While technical evaluation capacities (the so-called supply side) are paramount to produce high-quality evaluative evidence, an enabling environment for evaluation is necessary to ensure it is actually used for decision-making. The toolkit contains guidance and tools on how to plan, design, implement, monitor and evaluate advocacy strategies for national evaluation policies and systems that are equity-focused and gender-responsive.
The toolkit is designed for civil society organizations, Voluntary Organizations for Professional Evaluation (VOPEs), governments, UN agencies, development partners and other stakeholders with varying levels of experience, capacities and skills in strategic advocacy. Increased capacity for strategic advocacy for evaluation is specifically relevant given the presence of key opportunities, such as 2015 International Year of Evaluation (EvalYear).