On the journey in promoting NEP and systems, the Forum member parliamentarians took lead in creating awareness in four international conferences in 2013; Evaluation Conclave, Kathmandu, Nepal; SLEvA Evaluation Conference, Colombo, Sri Lanka; NEC conference, Sao Paolo, Brazil; Philippines 3rd M&E Forum, Manila.

SLEvA conference, Colombo

The Forum had a panel on “Why National Evaluation Policies matter in South Asia” at Sri Lanka Evaluation Association (SLEvA) International Evaluation Conference which held from 24-25 July in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Nine parliamentarians representing six countries attended the conference proving the interest and commitment in development evaluation (Afghanistan -2, Bangladesh – 1, Bhutan – 1, Nepal -2, Pakistan -1 and Sri Lanka -2). The participation of parliamentarians in the conference is supported by The World Bank, UNICEF (South Asia together with Bhutan, India and Pakistan country offices) and Eval Partners P2P initiative. We really thank generous donors for supporting engagement of parliamentarians in this important initiative. We also thank SLEvA, Pakistan Evaluation Network (PEN) and COE- Nepal for partnering with us in this initiative.

Six parliamentarians representing their countries made presentations in the panel highlighting existing performance monitoring mechanisms and need for national evaluation policies in respective countries followed by a discussion with panellists and parliamentarians from other South Asian countries. We will make presentations and speeches available online for the evaluation professionals to follow the discussion.

Names of parliamentarians attended the panel and conference: (1) Hon. D.E.W. Gunasekara, Minister (Senior) for Human Resources, Sri Lanka; (2) Hon. Rangina Kargar, Member of Parliament, Afghanistan; (3) Hon. Ananda Prasad Pokharel, Ex-Member of Parliament, Nepal; (4) Hon. Abdul Mannan, Member of Parliament, Bangladesh; (5) Hon. Kabir Hashim, Member of Parliament, Sri Lanka; (6) Hon. Masooma Khawari, Member of Parliament, Afghanistan; (7) Hon. Sher Dhan Rai, Ex-Member of Parliament, Nepal; (8) Hon. Hamid Ul Haq, Member of Parliament, Pakistan and (9) Hon. Jigme Rinzin, Member of National Council, Bhutan. The presentations are available up on request.

On 26th July, the Forum conducted the strategic planning meeting at the parliament of Sri Lanka with participation of Forum members and delegates. Mr. Colin Kirk, Director of the UNICEF Evaluation also joined the meeting. Mr. Dhammika Dassanayake, Secretary General of the Parliament of Sri Lanka welcomed the delegates and briefed about parliamentary monitoring mechanisms in Sri Lanka. Then the Forum started the discussion on the strategic plan. The key actions which parliamentarians agreed to perform in coming period are;

  1. Update country presentations which will be rich information for upcoming mapping initiative and National evaluation policy discussions.
  2. Formation of country teams to work on national evaluation policies: Forum members to engage more MPs and join with national evaluation network, UN, donors and the civil society as a team to work on the national evaluation policy work.
  3. Raise awareness on need for national evaluation policy through different national/ international events to engage more policy makers and civil society regarding the evaluation policy process. 
  4. Conduct “Mapping status of national evaluation policies” in collaboration with EvalPartners and IOCE.
  5. Provide support to ongoing national evaluation policy process in countries such as Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Pakistan (soon to be started). 
  6. The secretariat to implement umbrella events/ activities specified in the plan to support country processes.  

NEC Conference Sao Paolo Bazil

Parliamentarians Forum for Development Evaluation attended the "NEC conference 2013" held in Sao Paolo, Brazil from 29 Sep to 2nd Oct 2013 which was organized by UNDP together with Brazilian Ministry of Social Development and Fight Against Hunger. Six delegates representing the Forum including four parliamentarians attended the conference;

  • Hon. Rangina Kargar from Afghanistan
  • Hon. Qaiser Jamal from Pakistan (In collaboration with Pakistan Evaluation Network).
  • Hon. Jigmi Rinzin from Bhutan
  • Hon. Kabir Hashim from Sri Lanka

Asela Kalugampitiya and Dr. Barbara Rosenstein (Mapping consultant) also attended the conference representing the Forum. The participation was supported by conference organizers (UNDP) and Evalpartners.
Hon. Kabir Hashim engaged in declaring 2015 as the international year of evaluation. Hon. Rangina Kargar and Hon. Jigmi Rinzin made presentations at exchange forum sessions. Forum’ attendance in this event helped to highlight the importance of parliamentarians’ engagement in evaluation. 



3rd M&E Forum, Manila

Parliamentarians Forum also attended the 3rd M&E Network Forum in Manila which was held from 6-8 November. The event was attended by;
Hon. Rangina Kargar from Afghanistan
Hon. Jigmi Rinzin from Bhutan
Hon. Kabir Hashim from Sri Lanka
Hon. Hashim was a key note speaker of the M&E forum and other two parliamentarians made presentations about respective country M&E systems at the panel. Philippines new national evaluation policy was launched in the event and this was a fruitful experience for Parliamentarians Forum members to learn from. Participation of Hon. Kargar was supported by UNICEF Afghanistan country office while others were supported by conference organizers. Ada Ocampo, UNICEF Regional Evaluation Specialist organized the parliamentarians’ sessions and moderated them. At the event 2015 was declared as International Year of Evaluation. 

This is the 4th international conference in 2013 where parliamentarians were included in evaluation conference agenda. We are closely working with evaluation conference organizers to include parliamentarians on the agenda in 2014 conferences as well. Hope to see more parliamentarians in international evaluation conference where they emphasize the need for use and demand for evaluation at national level and call for fellow parliamentarians join hands. This is also an opportunity for them to meaningfully contribute to the international year of evaluation. It is worth to note that at both events parliamentarians engaged in declaring EvalYear. We would like to thank both conference organizers for inclusion of parliamentarians in the agenda and sponsors for supporting participation of MPs in those events.