The Forum in collaboration and with support from EvalPartners conducted a study on “Mapping status of national evaluation policies” and the report was published recently. Also under the innovation challenge project supported by EvalPartners and jointly implemented by Parliamentarians Forum and Pakistan Evaluation Network continues commitments for national evaluation policies. Under this project there are two initiatives implemented;

  • Establishment of a web site for the Parliamentarians Forum
  • Documentation of examples of NEP in selected countries and preparation of a document on key elements of NEP and systems followed by web dialogue on NEP.

Moving beyond the mapping study, a consultant assigned under this project has started to document selected examples of countries where national evaluation policy is successfully implemented. Also a web company has been assigned for the development of the website which will be a key tool for dialogue on NEP and systems and it will be available shortly. The documented examples and key elements will be shared through the website. 

Furthermore the Forum developed a training module on “Engaging parliamentarians in development evaluation” which is targeting VOPEs, government officials, national evaluation networks, donors and civil society organizations. 

Parliamentarians Forum is planning to conduct a regional consultation in South Asia to share mapping results and plan country actions to work on NEP and systems with parliamentarians, government representatives and civil society from South Asian nations. The consultation will be support by EvalPartners and UNDP – EO. Also with support from EvalPartners, it is planned to provide technical support to four selected South Asian countries on implementing plans prepared at the consultation.

Looking back at commitments made at the NEC Conference 2013 and looking ahead of International Year of Evaluation 2015, national evaluation policies and systems play an important role at country level. According to the mapping report only 20 countries have established national evaluation policies. It shows how far has to go more from where we stand now. The Forum is planning to further advance the important work on NEP and systems in line with the strategic plan (link to article 4) aiming to achieve;

  • To advance dialogue on national evaluation policies and systems and promote country actions towards them
  • Mark the International Year of Evaluation with strong achievements regarding establishment of country evaluation systems/ national evaluation capacity development