Parliamentarians Forum for Development Evaluation is a collective of parliamentarians who are committed to development evaluations in SAARC countries. The Forum is an EvalPartners member and IOCE regional VOPE The Forum was initiated by a small group of parliamentarians aiming to establish National Evaluation Policies in SAARC region.It is managed by the “Core Team” which is represented by parliamentarians from each SAARC country. It was founded as a result of initial meeting and discussion had by a group of parliamentarians from Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh.  This is historical in parliamentarians giving a voice for national evaluation policies and promising commitment to realize it at country level. The Forum is now represented by parliamentarians from South Asian countries; Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

This is the first time in the history;

·         Parliamentarians organized as a formal group to work on development evaluation

·         Parliamentarians raise awareness on need for national evaluation policies and systems

·         Parliamentarians take the leadership to advocate for national evaluation policies

The goal of the Forum is to advance enabling environment for nationally owned, transparent, systematic and standard development evaluation process in line with National Evaluation Policy at country level which ensures aid effectiveness, achievement of results and sustainability of development.

Objectives of the Forum are:

1.      National evaluation policies endorsed by the respective South Asian governments are in place and effective.

2.      To create the space for dialogue between legislators and evaluation community.

3.      Improved capacity of parliamentarians who are committed in development evaluation in the country.

4.      Established country level performance measuring mechanisms in line with national evaluation policies ensuring results oriented and sustainable development.


The Forum is currently working on developing resources on national evaluation policies and systems, awareness raising at national and international fora and building partnerships with stakeholders on establishing national evaluation policies and systems.

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